aamir khan biography in hindi

aamir khan biography in hindi

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aamir khan was born on 3rd September 1992 in New Delhi and died on 12th August 2002. He was a graduate of Delhi College, Delhi University, where he specialised in English literature. He is survived by his wife, Aishwarya, and their two sons, A.K. and A.B. He was a writer, a poet and a film director.

aamir khan was born on 3rd September 1992 to a family of Indian immigrants. His father, who was originally from Bihar, moved to New Delhi to work in the textile industry. Aamir spent his childhood in Delhi and his teenage years in Mumbai. After a series of personal mishaps including a car accident and being kidnapped, he was forced to relocate to the US until the age of eighteen.

His father was an avid sports fan and avid sports writer and so, during his father’s absence, he tried to follow his heroes. He began learning to play guitar and bass, he also started performing at music parties and recording his first album. In 2009 he met Anurag Kashyap, who became his mentor and friend. He went on to attend the University of Southern California, where he majored in English.

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