amit malviya tweet

amit malviya tweet

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I love this tweet from Amit Malviya. It seems as though this man has some issues with Twitter but I can see why.

Malviya’s tweet, “I miss you,” is very fitting for a man who hasn’t tweeted in over a year. I’m not sure what that means, but I do know that it was a message he sent to his ex-girlfriend in July of 2011.

I think it is something that Amit Malviya has to work through. We can’t expect people to always tweet what they want to tell us in a tweet. It would be too easy for everyone to tweet at us like they’re trying to be part of the conversation. That’s why I think it is appropriate for a man who hasn’t tweeted in over six months to send a message to his ex-girlfriend. That’s how far we have come in so many years.

Amit Malviya is a very talented and prolific tweet writer. I mean, he’s tweeted over 500 times in 2010, and over a thousand times in 2011. You know, all I can say about it is, I’m really glad that he decided to tweet something that I think is good. I think that he is going to be a great writer in the future.

Like me, you might have seen this dude talking about his ex-girlfriend. Im guessing you might also recognize some of his tweets as my own. Like I mentioned, he hasnt tweeted in six months, but I just wanted to let you know he is still very talented and is a very hard worker. Just not as talented as I am, I guess.

I think when it comes to writing, the ability to write in English is one of the most underrated things in the world. I think a lot of people think that if they aren’t fluent in English, they can’t write. Maybe even worse, they think that if they aren’t fluent in English, they can’t read. But I think that all the things that make reading and writing so important (such as grammar, vocabulary, and structure) are taught in English.

I agree. Writing is one of the most important skills for a blogger or a writer. In fact, if you have the ability to write in English, I would recommend that you spend a lot of time learning how to write. I would recommend reading books like “Writing for Beginners” by Ellen Moskowitz, “How to Write an Effective Blog Post” by Tim Ferriss, or “The Writing Craft” by John Jackson Miller.

I agree with your suggestion. I have been going through a period of self-doubt, anxiety, and doubt that I believe I might not be able to write anything with any kind of consistency. I am working on my craft and have been improving my writing a lot.

I agree with you. I feel I have a lot of confidence in my writing abilities, and I know that I have been improving in a lot of areas over the past few years.

It’s been almost two years since I wrote the last blog post here, so I was surprised when I found out how hard it is to write something that isn’t just a list of points and suggestions. If I can write something that is both useful and interesting, it will be a lot easier to write.

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