biography of amitabh bachchan in hindi

biography of amitabh bachchan in hindi

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My name is Amitabh Bachchan (born on 2nd June, 1975). I’m an Indian film actor. And that’s it. I’m an actor. I do have a few other things going on with me, but I don’t think they’re important enough to go into.

I actually have a few videos on my YouTube channel that I got about two years ago in which I was making a scene in front of the camera. It was supposed to be a scene from the film “Be My Boyfriend” because I was supposed to do it. But I forgot! I was supposed to do it in the background, and then I had to do it in the foreground. I think it made it a bit more interesting.

Amitabh Bachchan is an actor and director who has made a few movies, like the Raj Kapoor’s film Kite and the movie that gave us the famous ‘The Kite’ (an adaptation of a French novel) movie. He was also the star of the first Indian film to win the Academy Award for Best Actor. The film was a big success and has been recognized with numerous awards.

The movie was kind of a surprise, but it was a very good and entertaining one. I was expecting a lot of the same, but I think it was something about the way the movie went on. It was about having the same people around, and the same people just sitting around and talking about the same movies. It’s kind of surprising that it was a big movie but it was still good and entertaining.

I think the movie was a good one. It was a lot of the same things, but not the same way. Its a very enjoyable movie to watch, but it wasn’t necessarily a very good movie. I think there were some things that were kind of off from the movie and they were different. It was a very interesting and entertaining movie to watch.

Amitu Bhagwan is one of the most interesting women in Bollywood and she’s a member of the so-called “female mafia” that runs the country. She’s the one who has started a fight for equality in Bollywood, and as a result, she is often considered to be the most powerful woman in India. When she isn’t fighting for a better future for women, she’s trying to stop her sister from being named the “murderess of India.

Amitu Bhagwan comes from a poor family and her father died of cancer when she was younger. She was raised by a single mother who worked as a prostitute in the city. She is an actress and her real name is Amita and shes quite a woman. Shes a very sweet and caring person who plays a very complex character. It was a very entertaining movie and I really enjoyed it. It doesnt get much better than that.

A little known fact about Amitu is that shes in a very short relationship with a man named Anil. Its believed that their relationship started when Amitu was a child and Anil was her teacher. Its also believed that they have a child together but its not known for sure.

Amita and Anil are two very interesting characters, but they dont get enough attention because they dont seem to get enough love attention. I mean who would want to date someone who makes out with their teacher? Its just not okay.

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