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The Urban Dictionary of kristen Wiig drew Barrymore

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I wrote this story when I was in high school and it still holds true to that time in my life. I have since moved on to a career as a writer but my memories…


Become an Expert on Manipur governor by Watching These 5 Videos

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Manipur Governors is a blog series that aims to encourage the use of technology in education. We have a goal of writing posts about technology in education that will help foster a healthy relationship between…


15 Up-and-Coming swapan dasgupta Bloggers You Need to Watch

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Welcome. Welcome to The New York Times Bestselling Author of Swapan Dasgupta’s latest book “The Three Levels of Self-Awareness”. I have been a fan of Swapan’s work since his first book “The Secret Life of…

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20 Fun Facts About how to activate my jio plan

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The jio plan is basically a smart-home system that can automatically send you your data and notifications, and even turn on the thermostat when you are away. I am quite impressed by how seamless this…

A Step-by-Step Guide to taking a que


One of the most misunderstood things about the world and the way we perceive it is that while we often think that our thoughts, and our actions, are independent of the world, they are actually…

prince of orange mall


I think that is the last thing that Prince of Orange Mall would want to put in an article about in the title of this post. I am a real person, a regular, like any…

hillary clinton facelift


The hillary clinton facelift was an enormous, time-consuming, and complicated procedure that involved a number of medical and surgical procedures. The procedure itself was performed by a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. William G. O’Connell. It…

india air strikes


Air strikes are a common sight during war. There are many reasons for an air strike, but one of the most obvious ones is that the enemy has violated an international law. When an international…

dallas to delhi flights


Here’s a great way to travel to India with you. I use the airline’s website to find the best deals for my flights. They have a handy section where you can compare multiple offers on…

Meet the Steve Jobs of the ranjit singh power Industry


Ranjit Singh was born and raised in the Northeast, but he’s a man of many flavors. He has been writing for over a decade, and he has a large following on Instagram and Facebook. Ranjit…