dpt vaccine in tamil

dpt vaccine in tamil

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The dpt vaccine in tamil is a vaccine that protects against dpt, an anti-viral drug that can help to fight HIV infection and AIDS. This vaccine is given to newborn babies, and is also given to young children, but it is most commonly given to adults. When it comes to being a new parent, having a baby is a pretty big deal, but I feel like it’s important to give it a little bit of thought.

I think that the dpt vaccine is a really great idea. Although I don’t think that the vaccine itself is a good idea. Dpt works by binding to a receptor on the surface of the virus, so when a person is infected with HIV, there is no way for the virus to replicate inside of a person unless it gets that dpt receptor on the virus. The problem with injecting a virus into a person is that it is very, very hard to find an effective dpt vaccine.

I think you should give it a lot of thought.

I think that you should make a lot of effort to find an effective dpt vaccine, and that we should strive to make our vaccines that are effective. Also, I think that there are a lot of things that we can improve on the dpt vaccine itself. The most obvious improvement I would make is to use a more effective method of dpt vaccine delivery. You could also make the dpt vaccine more effective by using the most effective dpt receptor.

The use of a more effective dpt vaccine could also lead to an increase in effectiveness in some cases. But you really need to remember that it is not only the dpt receptor that can cause a boost of antibody, but also the receptor itself. For example in the case of the vaccine given to an antibody-producing monkey, a higher level of antibody would lead to a boost of antibody. This means the vaccine does not need to be used in a monkey who is immune to the antigen.

In a vaccine, the virus that causes the disease is injected to the monkey’s blood. The monkey produces antibodies. The antibodies are then injected into the monkey’s blood. The monkey produces antibodies. The antibodies are then injected into the monkey’s blood. This whole process happens over a course of a few days. This is the most efficient way of producing antibodies.

This is a study of a single vaccine. This is not the first time a vaccine has been tested. The first time was the DPT vaccine to prevent diphtheria and tetanus. The second was the polio vaccine. This one is a single dose that’s given to the monkeys in the same way as a human.

DPT is a synthetic version of diphtheria and tetanus toxoids. It’s been around for a while now and had a good run, but was later discovered to be faulty and replaced by the more efficient (and thus, cheaper) vaccine. The issue is that the monkey develops antibodies against the wrong synthetic version of the DPT. This is why the monkeys start dying from the DPT injections.

For years, the synthetic version of DPT has been known to cause side effects. The only way to get rid of them is to give this synthetic version to the monkey and then, to get rid of the antibodies which are causing the side effects.

This is why the DPT injections are so dangerous. They are injected into the animal’s skin, and by doing so, these injections can give the animal antibodies and antibodies that can cause the side effects. This is why the monkey starts dying. It also makes the synthetic version of the DPT too expensive and thus, too expensive for the poor people who need it.

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