funny suitcase

funny suitcase

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For those of you that are more familiar with me, I will be your suitcase. For those of you that don’t know me, I am a suitcase that doesn’t really live in the same place it’s normally used. My job is to take luggage, accessories, and other personal items, and haul them across the country on a regular basis. I also wear my own clothes to keep them clean and looking fresh.

I have been known to pack my suitcase on a whim or just to have a snack while traveling. Usually, I just take a random suitcase and put it in an airport hotel room so I can just lay on the bed and nap while the airline employee is trying to figure out what to do with it. That’s pretty much how I found this one. I was just taking off my backpack and taking out all the stuff I had packed on it. One person just had a problem with its size.

I’m sure it’s because the suitcase is on a plane and the person in front of me is just like the other passengers so I have to get it. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a way to get to it.

The person I was with was still trying to figure out how to get to the suitcase, which is why the suitcase has a keypad on it. It seemed like a good way to test out the phone app that the person was trying to use to access the suitcase. The phone app is apparently supposed to be able to scan through the keys on the suitcase and find the keys to open the suitcase.

While it’s probably a good way to test a phone app, the suitcase does still have an actual keypad, and the phone app still gets confused when it tries to access the suitcase with the wrong buttons.

The thing that makes this suitcase different from all the other ones out there is that the keys on it are actually all different styles of keys. It seems that the suitcase is a bit more complicated than the other keys because when the phone app tries to use the keys on the suitcase, it gets a message saying that there are no keys on the suitcase. That’s what makes it all the more interesting.

As it turns out, the suitcase is actually a phone call interceptor and the phone app isn’t the one it says it is because it’s trying to connect to the suitcase with no keys. The suitcase is actually a piece of technology that has the ability to do all sorts of cool things and doesn’t need to have keys. The suitcase is literally a phone call interceptor that uses the phone app to find the phone and intercept the calls.

The suitcase is the app you probably remember from your high school days. When you got those little phones that had all sorts of cool features (like the ones you could hide in your pocket), you used it to get all sorts of cool phone calls for free. If you were ever at school and your phone rang and you didn’t know the call was about to go through, you could just answer the phone and it would go straight to your phone book.

The suitcase is a very cheap way to keep your phone number handy. You can buy them for $10 online now, and you can easily use up to ten.

This is a clever design that could be useful for keeping your phone number handy. If instead I was to go back to school and a teacher was to call my phone so I could answer it, I could just answer the phone and it would go straight to my phone book. The suitcase isn’t quite the same as it’s cousin in the movie “What’s Up Doc?” but it’s still cool.