houston hurricane patricia

houston hurricane patricia

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This is by far my favorite picture of hurricane patricia. This is not just because I love the colors, the way the clouds look like they’re floating, the power of the storm, and the beauty of the scene. This is just because this is my favorite picture of hurricane patricia.

If there was ever a hurricane that deserved a picture, this is it. Just look at the colors, the power, the clouds, the power of the storm. This is my favorite picture of hurricane patricia.

Not only is this super cool, but this is a very awesome and incredibly awesome picture.

I’ve seen this picture in a number of places online, but this is my favorite one in all of them. The colors, the clouds, the power of the storm, and the beauty of the scene. This is my favorite picture of hurricane patricia.

If hurricane patricia is super cool, than hurricane patricia’s hurricane picture is super awesome. I don’t know how you get those two things together but you do. It doesn’t matter how you do it, because they’re mutually exclusive. I’m just glad that I can share this with you.

A hurricane is a strong and violent tropical storm. It forms when a low pressure system crosses the Atlantic Ocean from the Pacific Ocean. The storm moves west and then east, until it’s able to cross the North American continent and become a hurricane. There are five main types of hurricanes: tropical, subtropical, extratropical, sub-tropical, and polar.

A hurricane is a violent windstorm that moves across the ocean and can be large enough to damage or destroy a very large area. Most hurricanes affect land and coastal areas, but there are also hurricanes that hit the ocean. If you find yourself in a hurricane, you can expect to have a few physical effects. First, you might get wet (in a tropical storm, the water around you will rise because of the storm’s strength).

The water will start to rise because of the storm strength, and the storm can easily damage your roof, walls, and floors.

It’s not a good idea to be in a hurricane when you’re at work or on a plane. If you do get hit by a hurricane, make sure you have plenty of water on hand to help you stay afloat. Also, if you’re in a hurricane for too long, it can be dangerous to move your car or walk through the water. A person who is in a hurricane when they have a heart attack, for example, might be dead by the time the ambulance arrives.

I guess the good news is that the storm is not as strong as it first seemed, not even close to as strong as the hurricane that hit the city of Nantucket in 2011. We’ll have to see how it holds up when the storm moves through my city.