Kareo Vs AestheticsPro: Which Medical Billing Software is Right for You?

If you are a medical professional who is looking for new medical billing software, you may be wondering which one is right for you. Kareo EHR and AestheticsPro are both popular options, but they have different features that may make one better suited for your needs than the other. In this article, we will compare Kareo Clinical and AestheticsPro EHR to help you decide which one is right for you. Both softwares offer many features that can make your life easier as a medical professional. They both have features that allow you to easily manage your patient’s records, schedule appointments, and process payments. However, they each have unique features that set them apart from each other.

About Kareo Clinical

Kareo Clinical is a cloud-based medical billing software designed for small to mid-sized practices. The software includes features such as appointment scheduling, Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration, and practice management. Kareo Clinical is certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Moreover, Kareo Clinical is a web-based application, which makes it accessible from any location with an internet connection. It also offers a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Kareo Clinical Key Features

Appointment Scheduling

Kareo Clinical includes an appointment scheduling feature that allows you to schedule appointments with patients. This feature also allows you to send reminders to patients about their appointments.

EHR Integration

Kareo Clinical integrates with popular EHR systems, such as Epic and Cerner. This integration allows you to view patient medical records within Kareo Clinical.

Practice Management

Kareo Clinical includes practice management features that allow you to manage your practice. This includes features such as patient demographics, billing, and claims management. This feature also helps you to track your practice’s financial performance.

Patient Portal

Kareo Clinical includes a patient portal that allows patients to view their medical records, schedule appointments, and pay bills. The portal allows patients to securely access their information from any location with an internet connection.

Kareo Clinical Pricing

Kareo Clinical offers a subscription-based pricing model. Prices start at $149 per month for the basic plan and increase to $499 per month for the premium plan. In the middle, there is the Standard plan for $299 per month. Kareo Clinical also offers a free trial. The pricing model is based on the number of providers and the features you need.

Kareo Clinical Demo

Kareo Clinical offers a free demo on its website. The demo allows you to explore the features of Kareo Clinical. With the help of a demo, you can decide whether Kareo Clinical is the right medical billing software for your practice.

Kareo Clinical Reviews

Kareo Clinical has positive reviews on Capterra. Users appreciate the ease of use, robust features, and affordable pricing. However, some users find the interface to be dated and difficult to navigate. Moreover, some users have reported issues with customer support. Despite the negative reviews, Kareo Clinical is a popular medical billing software.

AestheticsPro Software

AestheticsPro EMR is a medical billing software that is specifically designed for aesthetic practices. It includes features such as patient scheduling, charting, and electronic claims processing. AestheticsPro also offers a mobile app to access your patient data on the go. The software also offers a variety of reports to help you track your practice’s performance. AestheticsPro is a web-based software that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Furthermore, it is HIPAA-compliant software and it meets all the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

AestheticsPro Key Features

Patient Scheduling

Schedule patients for consultation, follow-ups, and treatments. This feature also allows you to send patient appointment reminders via text or email.


This feature allows you to document patient visits, create treatment plans, and track progress over time.

Electronic Claims Processing

AestheticsPro offers electronic claims processing, which can help you save time and reduce errors. With the help of this feature, you can submit claims electronically to insurance companies. AestheticsPro also offers a mobile app to access your patient data on the go. The software also offers a variety of reports to help you track your practice’s performance.

Mobile App

The AestheticsPro mobile app allows you to access your patient data on the go. With the mobile app, you can view patient schedules, chart visits, and process claims.


AestheticsPro offers a variety of reports to help you track your practice’s performance. The reporting features include financial reports, patient satisfaction surveys, and treatment plan compliance reports.

AestheticsPro EHR Pricing

AestheticsPro offers a free trial of their software. After the free trial, AestheticsPro charges a monthly subscription fee of $149 per month. The pricing model offered by AestheticsPro is based on the number of users. For example, if you have a practice with two providers, you would be charged $149 per month for each provider.

AestheticsPro EHR Demo

If you want to see how AestheticsPro works, you can sign up for a free demo. The demo will give you a tour of the software and show you how to use the features. A demo is a great way to see if AestheticsPro is the right billing software for your practice.

AestheticsPro EHR Reviews

Overall, AestheticsPro is an excellent choice for aesthetic practices. The software is easy to use, and it offers a variety of features that can benefit your practice. If you are looking for medical billing software designed explicitly for aesthetic practices, AestheticsPro is an excellent option. Moreover, the free trial and the demo make it easy to try out the software before you commit to a subscription.


After carefully considering the pros and cons of each software, we believe that Kareo is the better option for most medical practices. Although AestheticsPro has a few more features than Kareo, it is not as user-friendly and can be more challenging to navigate. Kareo is constantly updating its software to make it more efficient and easier to use, which is why we believe it is the better choice for most medical practices. If you are looking for medical billing software that is user-friendly, efficient, and constantly updated, then Kareo is the right choice for you. However, if you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of ease of use for more features, then AestheticsPro may be a better option.

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