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puson english

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I was really excited to try out puson english class when I started school in September. I knew I had to have it once I hit my first year of college, and I had no idea how much I would actually use it. The classes were awesome and the instructor was so knowledgeable. For a non-English speaker, it was a great way to learn basic vocabulary and grammar. I was in class for a full 3 hours, and I ended the first day with a grade of B.

I didn’t really like English class, but it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot of useful language words. The instructor, a Mexican man named Jorge, also showed us some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten. The food was amazing and the man was so passionate about teaching us language that we had a really hard time arguing with him.

I don’t think it’s fair if we have to describe our language to a language teacher, but if we let the language teacher go on to teach us something that we’ve never heard before, I think we would definitely benefit from it.

the guy that teaches us the language of Mexico wasn’t a Mexican, so it’s pretty cool that he’s from Mexico.

the people that we came across in the course of this investigation are Mexican, Mexican-Americans and Mexican-Americans of Mexican descent. We came across a few of these people while digging through some of the Mexican drug cartel’s money, which is usually where we find our Mexican drug cartels. Most of them are not really interested in us, and they seem to be pretty easy to identify. However, a couple of them are definitely willing to talk to us.

We learned that one of them was named “Puson English.” His family may be Mexican-Americans, but he is of Mexican descent. His name is written in Spanish as “PuesEnglish.” He is the oldest person we’ve met that speaks english. He is the leader of the group of Mexican-Americans that we came across. He has a family member named “Bebu” that speaks and writes english.

Puson was one of the first people to talk to us, so he’s got some experience in talking to outsiders. But he’s also pretty easy to identify. He is a heavy guy, and has a big, bulging stomach. He is also very fat. He has a big stomach that he uses as a weapon. He is also bald, has a mustache, and a large nose.

He has a pretty large nose and big bulging stomach, but is bald.

His beard is very long and has the look of a Mexican-American. His mustache is quite thick, and he has a large nose. He talks with a Mexican accent that borders on Spanish. He is very loud.

The world is full of strange things. In a couple of days he will talk to several strangers on the border. I’m not sure why he would talk to strangers so much. He has a very thick accent that borders on German. He has a strong German accent, and he makes people cry. He is very tall, has a great physique, and has a pretty big body. He is a very tall guy. He has a great physique, and is about a lot taller than most people.

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