savitribai phule wikipedia

savitribai phule wikipedia

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This is a video by Wikipedia that shows how they define savitribai. If you can watch it in HD, I highly recommend it.

You know what I love about this video? The idea that savitribai is just a way to make Wikipedia look cool again. Wikipedia is awesome. It is where the internet is going in the future, and if it can be that cool again, Wikipedia can be awesome too.

I love that video. It could be a bit of a joke, but it’s great if you can enjoy it. I love how the caption of the video is really funny. I remember the last time I wrote a post about it, and I’m not even going to try to be a real dude.

The only good thing about savitribai is that it can save your life. So, it is basically a way to make Wikipedia look interesting.

There are a few reasons why I love Wikipedia. I love that it is the first place you can go to for information, and I love that it has a lot of information to give. When you are out of the internet and can only access Wikipedia by connecting to the net, it really is amazing. There are so many pages on Wikipedia that I can’t even begin to count. For example, there are pages on English, Politics, and History all with tons of information.

But what really stands apart from Wikipedia is that it is not actually made by people. It is actually created by volunteers who get paid for creating content. It is also a collaborative effort. So, rather than creating a piece of content by yourself, you can simply upload a text document to Wikipedia and help out.

It’s not a huge deal to have volunteers on Wikipedia’s pages, but it’s a really nice example of what a collaborative effort can be.

As it turns out, people who make Wikipedia work better are usually paid for it, so, in fact, the creators of Wikipedia are paid to make it better. The creators of the Wikipedia content can be paid to make the content better, but the creators of the wikipedia content aren’t supposed to use their money for anything, so they’re not supposed to use it.

The problem, as wikipedia is often pointed out, is that they use Wikipedia as a dumping ground for all kinds of crap, like paid articles. The only people who do make some money off this are the people who write articles for Wikipedia, and the people who make the Wikipedia pages look good.

The reason people do this is because Wikipedia is a place where people come to learn about the history and the places where things happened. Because wikipedia is a place where people get to learn about the history and places where things happened. It’s a place where people can live in peace, get drunk and get a drink, and then find a place to stay in the U.S.

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