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waki slush

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I know that the title of this episode of “How Do We All Know When the Worst Is Coming?” has gotten a lot of attention, but it is still my favorite episode. Waki is the Japanese word for “it rains,” and the Japanese are known for their deep, slow, and steady rain. I have been waiting for these raindrops to come rain on my parade ever since I was a little girl in Japan.

And boy did I just get a little wet from the rain. And that’s only the beginning of the fun. During this episode, we see Waki slush slithering through the streets of Tokyo. There’s some crazy stuff in the rain, like the time Waki was chasing a cat, and the time his arm got soaked while he was in a bath tub. There are also some very funny moments where Waki slushes all over a crowd of people.

And it looks like Waki may have a touch of the Shih Tzu about him with his slushy ways. He may be on a quest to rescue all the dogs in Japan and collect them on a slushy day. Which sounds like something a Shih Tzu would want to do.

I know that sounds like something a Shih Tzu would do. That’s usually how I feel about slushiness. Which is why I’m pretty happy to see it in a video game. I’m pretty sure Shih Tzu would be very disappointed if they had to go out in the rain and slush all over the world.

In order to go out and slush all over the world, Waki has to get all the dogs that were imprisoned in Japan to the slushy island. He has to collect all the slush and get them to the slushing island. The slushy island is a desert island that has been transformed into a slushy island, which means it has all the dogs that were imprisoned.

Ok, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out that Waki was a dog slushy. I guess you’re supposed to think Waki is just a dog who likes to be slushy. And I guess you’re supposed to think that the dogs are just being playful.

I get it, Waki is a dog that likes to be slushy.

Waki has a pet dog named Kiki, so he can slush up Kiki. But Waki also has a pet cat called Lola, so he can slush up Lola. And of course, he has a pet dog named Sammie, so he can slush up Sammie. All Waki has is a slushy pet dog named Waki, but the dogs are definitely friends.

Of course Waki is a slushy dog, that’s just the way he likes it. We’ve even seen Waki slush up some slushy friends like Slushy Sammie and Slushy Waki. He’s also slushy with cats, dog, and even a dog-with-a-slimy-legs.

Heres to slush.