Aprima vs iKnowMed – The Right EMR for your Practice 2022 

Aprima vs iKnowMed – The Right EMR for your Practice 2022 

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There are many top-notch medical softwares available for clinical support. Aprima and iKnowMed are two remarkable options for physicians who want to manage administrative tasks. This article will guide you about Aprima vs iKnowMed EHR to highlight their features, prices, and demos so you can choose which software is better for your practice. 

Aprima EHR is a significant application for managing electronic health records and is used by physicians and medical professionals throughout the globe. Aprima has earned the confidence of its customers since it is a tool with a range of medical practices-beneficial characteristics, and attributes that have impressed its users. Significantly, it is used in over seventy distinct domains of practice, including surgery, general care, etc.

McKesson Specialty Health developed the iKnowMed Generation 2 web-based EHR solution to satisfy the needs of hematologists and oncologists. More than two hundred oncologists collaborated to develop this health IT system based on their daily clinical experiences. The method is customizable and suitable for various medical practices, including large cancer care centers with hundreds of doctors.

Aprima EMR

Key Features 


The app is designed to be compatible with other providers and services, allowing for the safe and secure transfer of patient data from one provider to another, regardless of the system they use. A safe, patient-centered flow of secure information helps practices become more efficient and improve patient outcomes. Whether you are transmitting or receiving data, the compatibility of Aprima is notable.

Patient Portal

Aprima EHR offers a patient interface that is both safe and efficient, enabling patients and clinicians to access data without interruptions. Generally, patient portals are advantageous because they enable doctors and patients to connect without physically meeting. The website is bilingual, allowing patients from all over the globe to use it without linguistic barriers.

Patient Demographics

Rarely do EHR providers provide this functionality. Nevertheless, Aprima gives it. Patient demographics facilitate the collection of prospective data on rare patient cases. This data-driven application provides access to well-researched material. Using this service, physicians can develop far more effective treatment plans. 

Medical Billing

Electronic medical record systems are built around the billing management service. Aprima simplifies the management of billing processes. It offers a robust billing module for streamlining billing services. Never before have invoices and claims been so easy to submit. In contrast, this program accurately controls the entire payment cycle. Medical coding capabilities aid this billing management process.

Aprima EMR Pricing

The vendor does not give cost estimates. Users can contact the vendor for pricing details and a quote. This method is used by the seller to advise customers about current pricing packages. However, there is a free trial version of the Aprima medical software. This demonstration is adequate to convince them to purchase the software.

Aprima EMR Demo

Typically, users require a demo before buying software. Aprima EHR also allows consumers to schedule a free demonstration of its features and functionality.

Aprima EMR Reviews

After reviewing the online reviews posted by Aprima EHR users, it is fair to conclude that both the application and the patient site are straightforward. Additionally, unique pricing helps everyone to manage their finances and get an inexpensive bundle effectively.


Key Features 

Scheduling Appointments

The iKnowMed software features an excellent appointment scheduling function that automates the process and can even send automatic patient reminders. This raises the practice’s overall capacity and profitability while decreasing the number of no-shows. Appointments can also be scheduled using the patient portal. Through the patient portal, patients can request appointments independently.

Practice Management Tools

In addition to delivering fully integrated practice administration software, the iKnowMed EMR platform also delivers oncology-specific administrative features for professionals. By using this technology, customers can expand their patient encounters and concentrate more on the clinical side of the business.

Medical Billing Tool

The iKnowMed EMR software offers a full solution for medical billing needs, rendering the generation of medical bills and the management of billing problems in your clinic obsolete. Since the program is compatible with ICD coding, users are not required to learn codes. This billing software assists users in handling their medical billing needs. Since the software makes it easy for users to produce invoices, it increases the practice’s overall efficiency. Thanks to intelligent billing, customers can cut overhead expenditures and be completely aware of costs.

Oncology Support

McKesson Oncology EHR has various helpful features for oncology practitioners, such as patient charts that can be viewed remotely through a mobile app and patient data records that are stored securely in the program and may be retrieved as needed. In addition to improving interoperability, the primary goal of McKesson EHR solutions is to enhance the quality of cancer care.

iKnowMed EHR Pricing 

You can obtain a customized quotation for your clinic to learn more about Iknowmed EMR pricing by contacting customer service.

iKnowMed EHR Demo 

To be able to use Iknowmed for best practices, it can be beneficial to see it from several perspectives. The Iknowmed EMR demonstration can be arranged through the vendor profile.

iKnowMed EHR Reviews

Iknowmed EMR reviews indicate that its billing system is efficient. It is also a suitable instrument for cancer practice.

Final Remarks

Aprima is primarily focused on a clinician-centered approach. The lack of charting templates allows clinicians to save time and enter data according to their instructions. Simultaneously, the program learns physicians’ preferences as they execute their duties.

IKnowmed focuses primarily on enhancing practice management for cancer practitioners. In the meantime, Praxis EMR covers approximately seventy specializations. When deciding between the two, it is essential to consider the platform’s features and functionalities to apply best practices to your system since each solution’s cost depends on the size of your practice.

It can be concluded that Aprima and iKnowMed are all-rounder tools for managing day-to-day operations in clinics. However, you can schedule their respective demos to see them in action before you make a final decision. Moreover, you can compare them by requesting customized costs too.