Custom Music Boxes from Alibaba

Custom Music Boxes from Alibaba

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A music box is an elegant way to add an old-school charm to a table. You can choose from a variety of music boxes or have one customized for your home or business. The sentimental value of these items makes them a thoughtful gift for friends and family. Many companies offer custom music boxes, and you can even find them online.

La Gatta

A La Gatta custom music box is a truly unique gift for any occasion. Its sound chip is actually electronic, instead of a mechanical mechanism. Once wound up, the music box plays a musical clip. You can also select the length of the song by feeding a strip of paper into the front part of the box.


Whether you are looking for an aesthetic music box or a personalized jewelry box, you can find a unique design for both at a Camellia custom music box from alibaba. You can choose a song and add a special message, photos, and even a secret gem! This handcrafted music box is sure to delight your recipient!

In addition to a beautiful design, a custom music box is also unique and one-of-a-kind in its appearance. To make a Camellia Custom Music Box, you must order a substantial amount of them so you can ensure a quick turnaround.

A Camellia personalized music box not only is aesthetically pleasing, it can be customized with a favorite song, a message, or a secret gem. This handcrafted musical box will sing your chosen tune and comes with a nifty tune changer! Whether it’s for a baby, significant other, or yourself, this personalized musical box is sure to delight. And because it’s personalized, it’s easy to change the tune, too!

La Gatta personalized

If you want a music box that is customized to your liking, look no further than the La Gatta line. For example, the JewelKeeper Girl’s Musical Jewelry Storage Box comes in a glittery unicorn design and comes with a tune appropriate for a girl. There are plenty of options for a personalized music box to choose from, including the traditional wind-up or hand-crank model.

La Gatta keyboard music box

The Handmade Wooden Rotating Music Box by La Gatta is a wonderful piece of artisanal music box art. It comes in hand-cranked and battery-operated versions. It comes with a cranked platform. In addition, the box’s curved design is a stylish way to decorate your living room or bedroom.

This musical device was a staple of many households in the early twentieth century. Its popularity lasted until the emergence of phonographs and player pianos, which rendered music boxes obsolete. The earliest music boxes used mechanical clocks that operated a series of protruding levers to strike the series of bells.

La Gatta custom music box

The La Gatta laboratory has been creating and executing artisanal music boxes for a long time. You can choose to have a hand-cranked or battery-operated music box. Club Stamp Projects offers a model that is a rectangular wooden box that measures nine by fourteen centimeters and is equipped with a cranked platform. The music box comes with various decorative features. These include a revolving lid, an engraved plaque, and a handle.

15 note diy music box

A 15 note DIY music box plays music that is programmed on paper tape. This tape is fed over a comb that is like a multi-pronged tuning fork. Each tooth represents a different note – lower notes are longer and higher notes are shorter. The faster the tape is fed across the comb, the faster the song plays and the melody is created. The hole in the comb corresponds to a particular note.

Once the box is assembled, punch the paper strips to the proper sizes and insert them into the box. Use a pencil to trace the notes, but if you have a tool, you can simply print the markings onto the paper. Some tools also punch holes for you, which will make the process easier. If you cut the paper strips too short, simply repair them with masking tape. If you cut them too short, the music box may not be able to play the music.

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DIY music boxes are an excellent way to introduce children to the joy of making music. They can be made from paper strips that you have carefully cut. Depending on the complexity of the song, you can use a kit that features 20 blank paper strips and a movement that will play the music. There are even kits that come with a hole puncher so that you can easily make the music box yourself. There are numerous DIY music boxes out there that make a great gift, so you can create one today.