Deep Ocean Trenches Are Surficial Evidence For ________

Deep Ocean Trenches Are Surficial Evidence For ________

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The Challenger Deep is the deepest part of the ocean. It sits on a subduction zone, the place the Pacific plate is subducting beneath the Philippine plate. 9) Deep ocean trenches are surficial proof for ________. 25) Deep ocean trenches are surficial evidence seo bucks for ________. The lithosphere is thinnest at mid-ocean ridges, where tectonic plates are tearing other than one another.

The continental drift hypothesis was rejected primarily as a outcome of Alfred Wegener could not ________. Most successfully outline the perimeters of the lithospheric plates. Ocean DeepOcean trenches weren’t studied and explored till the 20th century. These deep-sea canyons have been initially referred to as “deeps,” such as the Challenger Deep or the Horizon Deep.

26) The San Andreas fault zone in California is an instance of ________.

23) Cooler, older, oceanic lithosphere sink into the mantle at ________. Cooler, older, oceanic lithosphere sink into the mantle at ________. Why are most oceanic trenches discovered in the Pacific Ocean? The Pacific Ocean is shrinking and plates are descending under surrounding plates along its edges, hence the creation of trenches. “The rate of seafloor spreading is, on the common, about one meter per yr.” Ocean trenches are long, slim depressions on the seafloor.

At convergent boundaries oceanic lithosphere is always destroyed by descending right into a subduction zone. This is as a outcome of oceanic rock is mafic, and heavy in comparison with the continents, and sinks simply. These are all places the place oceanic plates are subducting beneath continental plates. Seafloor spreading rates could probably be estimated if the geologic ages of the magnetic area reversals are independently identified. Horseshoe-shaped string of volcanoes and earthquake websites round edges of the Pacific Ocean.

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