Horsing Around: 25 Hilarious Names for Your Equine Companion

Horsing Around: 25 Hilarious Names for Your Equine Companion

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Choosing a name for your horse is a significant decision that reflects both their personality and your relationship with them. It can be a fun and creative process that adds character and individuality to your equine companion. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 25 hilarious names that are sure to make you smile.

1. Sir Neighs-a-lot
– This name is perfect for a chatty and friendly horse who loves to vocalize with a lot of neighs.

2. Buckminster Fullerton
– A clever play on the famous architect Buckminster Fuller, this name is ideal for a spirited horse with a playful kick.

3. Houdini Hooves
– If your horse is an expert at escaping from their stall or paddock, this magical name is a perfect fit.

4. Hay Jude
– A musical twist on the classic song “Hey Jude” by The Beatles, this name is great for a laid-back and peaceful horse.

5. Mare-y Poppins
– For a mare that is practically perfect in every way, just like the famous nanny Mary Poppins.

6. Will Ferrell
Comedic actor Will Ferrell is known for his quirky characters, making this a great name for a fun-loving horse.

7. Gallopavich
– A humorous blend of gallop and the actor Steve Carell’s last name, ideal for a fast and energetic horse.

8. Dolly Part-hoof
– An ode to country music legend Dolly Parton, this name is perfect for a dainty and stylish mare.

9. Shetland Yard
– A playful play on the famous detective series Sherlock Holmes, ideal for a small but intelligent horse.

10. Hoof Hearted
– Say this name quickly and you’ll get the pun. It’s ideal for a horse that always leaves you breathless.

11. Miss Mare-velous
– For a marvelous mare that never fails to impress with her grace and beauty.

12. Chewbacca
– Perfect for a hairy horse, this Star Wars inspired name is great for a horse that’s a bit of a wookie.

13. Saddle Snatcher
– If your horse is always trying to steal attention or other horses’ saddles, then this cheeky name might be suitable.

14. Hoofini
– Another magical name for a horse that loves to perform tricks or always surprises you.

15. Harry Trotter
– A nod to everyone’s favorite wizard, this name is ideal for a horse that is magical in their own right.

16. Sir Gallopsalot
– For a horse that loves to gallop and has boundless energy, this dashing name is a perfect fit.

17. Neigh-borhood Watch
– If your horse is always the first to alert the herd of any danger, then this name showcases their watchful nature.

18. Trottin’ Tomcat
– A playful name for a horse that struts their stuff like a cool cat whenever they trot.

19. Prairie Poppins
– For a horse that has a calming presence and brings joy to everyone they meet.

20. Gallopino
– A spicy name for a horse that is as fiery as a bowl of jalapeños.

21. Hooves McHooface
– A silly and light-hearted name for a horse that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

22. Canter Banter
– Perfect for a horse that loves to canter and engage in playful banter with their human.

23. Trottingham Palace
– Fit for a regal horse that exudes elegance and sophistication in every step.

24. Miss Prissy Hoofington
– A name that suits a prim and proper mare who is always tidy and well-behaved.

25. Saddle Sweetheart
– For a horse that is not only sweet but also loves being tacked up for a ride.


Naming your horse is a special and personal aspect of horse ownership. Whether you choose a funny and whimsical name or something more traditional, the most important thing is that it resonates with you and your horse. So, have fun with the process and ~~choose~~ a name that celebrates your equine companion’s unique spirit.


1. How do I choose the perfect name for my horse?
– When choosing a name for your horse, consider their personality, behavior, and appearance. You can also draw inspiration from their breed, color, or your favorite interests.

2. Can I change my horse’s name once it has been assigned?
– Yes, you can change your horse’s name if you feel that the current one doesn’t suit them. Just be sure to reinforce the new name consistently to help your horse learn it.

3. Should I choose a funny name for my horse?
– Choosing a funny name for your horse can add character and charm to their identity. It can also be a conversation starter and bring joy to those around you.

4. Can I choose a name based on my horse’s behavior or habits?
– Absolutely! Naming your horse based on their behavior or habits can be a creative and personalized approach. Just make sure the name is positive and reflects the best qualities of your horse.

5. Is it important to consider the meaning of the name I choose for my horse?
– While the meaning of the name may not be crucial, it can add an extra layer of significance to your horse’s identity. You can choose a name with a meaning that resonates with you or reflects your horse’s traits.