<strong>Is This BLOCKCHAIN BACKLINK Thing Really That Hard</strong>

Is This BLOCKCHAIN BACKLINK Thing Really That Hard

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Blockchain Backlink is yet another website that claims to help people make money and get backlinks, but with a twist! This time around, the company plans on making a profit from advertising on other websites. There’s no denying blockchain is the future of technology and will be more important than ever in the near future. However, it’s still up in the air what effect it’ll have on your backlink campaign and whether or not you should use Blockchain Marketing. I’ve taken a look at their website and written an unbiased review for those who are interested in learning more about how this company operates.

1. Blockchain Backlink isn’t a Simple Link Network

This is the first thing I want to point out. Blockchain Backlink assures you they aren’t just another link network or drop shipper. Instead, they claim to be creating backlinks with two different methods:

The first method involves paying people in crypto currency to create high-quality, unique content that includes a backlink to your website at the end of the article. The user will post these links on Reddit or other forums where it’s highly unlikely for them to get caught doing this by its users. It’s stated through their website that you must pay for a minimum of 5 pages if you order their link building service. You can find pricing here .

2 . The Second Method Involves Linking Your Content To Their Content

The second method is where I see the biggest flaw in their business model. They have a lot of other people create content around a certain topic. When they do this, they link to the Blockchain Backlinks website and pay the company when someone clicks on that link. The only thing is that you need to order the high-end plan in order to have the chance of getting your link out there. This means that you’re paying for your content to be advertised through their website and asking people to view your content by linking it to one of their articles which you also have to pay for. This method also only guarantees a 500 word article that links back to your site. The advantage of this model is that they will write about any topic you want as long as it’s related to crypto currency, but the downside is that you have to pay for content if you don’t have any high-quality articles yourself.

3. Is It Possible To Make Money With Blockchain Backlink?

While the first method sounds like an interesting idea, it doesn’t sound like a very effective way to make money and get backlinks. For starters, people who are going to help you create your backlinks don’t want to do it for free. I’m sure you can find people who’ll gladly help you in exchange for a few dollars, but if you plan on paying more than $5 for them to create your backlinks, then you are wasting your money. Find our site list

The second and third methods are also ineffective ways of making money and getting backlinks. I’ve done my fair share of research on this topic, and I’ve found that the majority of people who pay to be promoted on other websites don’t get a very high click-through rate. These companies don’t usually advertise their links directly, so it’s up to the content creators to either post the link in their articles or somehow work it into the content.

4. How Long Does The Process Take To Get My Links?

There’s only one plan you can purchase from their website: Build Up Your Backlinks. If you choose this plan, it takes up to 48 hours to deliver your backlinks after you’ve paid for them. This method is the only one where the average wait time is around 7 days, which is quite fast compared to other link networks that use a similar model.

The two other methods of getting backlinks involve writing content and then paying them $1 per 1,000 words or paying $5 for a pageview to your site. You can contact their customer service team and ask about the wait time for these orders, but it’s best to ask them before you decide to order. There’s a chance that you need to rewrite your article or that they’re still working on creating pages for your site.

5. Is Blockchain Backlink Safe To Use?

While some people see this company as a scam or think it’s not safe to use, I disagree with this idea. I’ve done my research and based on what I’ve learned from other review articles online, Blockchain Backlink did pay their users at one point. The problem is that they have been having issues with payments lately and have left users hanging in the process. The good news is that they’ve been very helpful and responsive to emails. I believe that in the near future, they’ll be able to pay their customers again for guest posting service.

6. What Do Outside Reviewers Have To Say?

I’ve read through numerous online reviews for Blockchain Backlink and have found that the majority of outside sources have given negative feedback about this company. The biggest issue is that payments aren’t done very quickly, and I’ve found numerous comments from people where the company has stopped responding to them altogether. If you’re looking for a link building service like this one, check out my list of recommended services here .