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obama thanos

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Obama’s first press conference was a success. It was a reminder that our President is a strong leader who has a proven track record of success. It was also a reminder that the world is a better place because of him.

Obama’s first press conference did not go as planned. It was not a successful press conference at all. The reason being is because as the press conference began, Obama was being interrupted by a woman who was asking him questions. The woman thought Obama was having a heart attack, but Obama instead was answering her questions.

So you can imagine the uproar on the internet. The woman was a White House staffer and she was trying to get Obama to talk about a project that she was working on and Obama got mad at her and went ahead and answered her questions without her prompting him.

This is a common practice. The media usually asks the questions they want to ask. In this case, the press asked Obama to explain why he would be making a decision right now instead of taking his time to answer questions for hours. Obama replied by telling the woman that she “deserved” to know what he was thinking when he was being interrupted.

Obama also told the reporter that he was about to make a decision and that he would talk about it when he was finished.

That would be the perfect time to announce your decision but Obama decided not to. Instead he came back and gave her a full transcript of his speech, as well as a transcript of the questions he answered.

That’s a good question. The answer to this question is that it is really unclear where the president was going with the answers he gave. He could have said what he did say, that he is undecided, that he will make a decision soon, or that he will wait until he is finished, but he chose none of these options. His actions here indicate that the president felt that he had done enough to address the reporter’s question and decided not to make a statement on his decision.

Obama is still facing a potential scandal related to his use of the military jet, the USS Cole. There’s been quite a bit of speculation about whether or not he was aware of the investigation when he ordered the aircraft carrier and a dozen carrier battle groups to participate in the raid in the skies over the Arabian Gulf. It’s now been confirmed that Obama ordered the air strikes, even though he knew about the investigation.

You’re reading that headline wrong. The investigation was in fact conducted by the Department of Defense and the FBI. What really happened is the Cole was attacked by a foreign government. The attack was apparently an attempt by the government to steal the drone program, and it’s suspected that the attack was a retaliation for the Cole’s role in the 2010 raid.

Thats a good point. The only two things youd assume to be true about the government or the drone program would be that they are both secret, and that they have secret programs. It seems like a pretty convincing case that the government is using the drones to steal information from our citizens, despite the fact that its the first time weve even heard of such a thing.

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