5 places to Buy Amazon Return Pallets

5 places to Buy Amazon Return Pallets

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According to Loss Prevention Magazine, consumers spent more than $550 billion online with US retailers, or 14% of all US retail sales. Until you consider the proportion of those sales that were returned, that figure is actually quite impressive. Online shoppers aren’t always satisfied with their purchases. For instance, eCommerce returns more than doubled between 2019 and 2020. 

People returned a staggering $102 billion worth of online purchases. What happens to all of that merchandise that is returned? Only a small portion is given back to physical stores. In this article, we will talk about the 5 places to buy Amazon Return Pallets.

However, examining, repackaging, and relisting those returns is not cost-effective for large online retailers like Amazon. Therefore, returned goods are typically liquidated. You’re in luck because many Amazon returns aren’t faulty or damaged. 

For a variety of reasons, products are returned, which means that many of them are brand-new and unopened. Amazon and other sizable online retailers sell pallets of customer returns to liquidators. Through online liquidation markets, you can get those items.

What are Amazon Return Pallets?

Pallets of merchandise that have been returned to Amazon are known as return pallets. They are offered to anyone willing to take a chance at greatly reduced prices and sold sight unseen. Simply refurbishing and reselling the items has a significant potential for financial gain. 

The price decreases as you purchase more items than you can afford. Items from Amazon that have been returned or liquidated are typically sold by the pallet or truckload.

Why buy Amazon Customer Return Pallets?

There are a few great reasons you might want to think about using Amazon Return Pallets. First off, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. For starters, a few hundred dollars will do. Even better, you could start with a line of credit. 

There are many options for reselling items, including flea markets and resale websites like Thredup, Poshmark, OfferUp, and eBay, among others. Return pallet purchases are a great way to increase your inventory if you have an existing business or are just starting one.

The pallets are sold in bulk and typically include a variety of goods, including clothing, electronics, and cosmetics. You can find a liquidation store anywhere.

5 Best Places To Buy Amazon Return Pallets

Amazon customer returns are typically sold on the websites of liquidation businesses. You can find a list of all the vendors selling their liquidation stock on the websites, so start there. 

Then, simply choose “Amazon” from the list of options under “Marketplaces” or “By Seller.” Let’s examine a few of the various liquidation companies.

1) Buying Return Pallets from Amazon Liquidation Auctions (US)

Amazon Liquidation Auctions (US) is a good option if you like to buy a variety of goods for your company. This website allows anyone with a US business registration to purchase direct liquidation pallets. 

US-based bidders submit offers for LTL (Less Than Truckloads) of overstock goods, which may include: goods for the home, Books, Clothes, and Food Accessory products for electronics, Footwear After registering and receiving Amazon approval, you can bid and purchase large lots of overstock inventory.

2) Buying Returns Pallets from Liquidation with B-Stock (UK)

For the UK market, Amazon has chosen to collaborate with B-Stock. B-Stock only sells Amazon products to customers in the US and Europe but conducts liquidation auctions in a number of nations. Each pallet contains different items, all of the varying quality. 

They can range from brand new to salvage in some circumstances. You must submit a separate application to each marketplace because each has different requirements.

3) Buying Amazon Customer Returns Pallets from the Liquidation site

A company called Liquidation.com offers clearance items from Amazon and other businesses. Truckloads, pallets, or boxes of lots are sold. Although the goods sold come in a variety of conditions, they primarily fall under the electronics, home goods, apparel, industrial, computer, and vehicle categories. 

Auctions are used to sell items, and the opening bid is typical $100. Additionally, a few lots can be bought right away. You must first register with liquidation.com in order to bid or buy. There are many places to buy liquidation pallets in Mississippi.

4) Buying Amazon Customer Returns Pallets from the BULQ site

Another US-based company that handles direct business with sellers and retailers is BULQ. Amazon is one of them. Three times per day, new items for sale are posted. Depending on the seller, prices change. While some prices are set, others are subject to a 48-hour auction. 

Registration is not required if you only want to browse the clearance section. However, you must register if you find something you want to buy. All customers receive resale certificates as part of the package. Pallets and lots are not eligible for returns or exchanges. 

There is a $30 flat shipping fee for cases, and shipping is only available to US addresses. Weight, size, and distance from the warehouse to your address all affect how much it will cost to ship a pallet.

5) Buying Amazon Customer Returns Pallets from the DirectLiquidation site

Amazon accounts for a large portion of DirectLiquidation’s business, but they also do business with other well-known big-box retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, and Target. When using the website, you can search by store or brand. 

All sales are conducted via auction, but in order to place a bid on a pallet, you must first create an account. Here you can find a variety of liquidation pallets.


It can be thrilling and enjoyable to purchase and sell Amazon returns. The best part is that you don’t need much storage space. Most of the items on the pallet can be returned to Amazon’s warehouses for resale. 

You can also put them up for sale on eBay. To get started, you don’t need to make a sizable investment or possess any technical knowledge. You’re off to a good start now that you know where to purchase Amazon liquidation pallets. There are lots of wholesale liquidation companies.