The 5 Healthiest Ways to Smoke Cannabis Other Than by Vaping

The 5 Healthiest Ways to Smoke Cannabis Other Than by Vaping

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One of the most preferred methods of consuming cannabis is smoking. However, smoking cannabis directly can be harmful; hence, you need safer methods such as vaping that can protect you from impurities. In recent years, vaping has become popular because it is safer and more conventional. 

But what if you do not want to vape but still want to smoke cannabis safely? There are other safer alternatives to consider.  But let’s first understand the effects of smoking cannabis. 

Is smoking cannabis healthy?

The safety of smoking cannabis depends on the method you use. There are specific techniques, such as smoking blunt, that can be harmful to the body. Therefore, you need safer approaches to eliminate certain impurities and toxins that could harm the body.

However, if you are not used to smoking, you can use other safer methods, such as gummies. The gummies do not have any impurities, and you get to feel the full effects of CBD. Therefore, if you are a newbie to CBD, a wax pen can be an ideal choice for dealing with conditions such as anxiety, pain, and insomnia. If you are curious or experienced in smoking cannabis, you can use the following safer methods. 

Use a water filter and pipes

Smoking has different byproducts that you would not wish to get into the body hence the need for caution. One cautions to use filters that will filter other byproducts, only allowing you to enjoy the vapor from cannabis. The vapor contains all the beneficial effects of cannabis and is much safer for the body.  

You can use different types of filters, namely the pipe or bong. The mouthpiece in these elements can eliminate all the impurities enabling you to enjoy only quality products. The mouthpiece can also help eliminate germ transmission, especially when smoking with friends. 

There are different benefits you enjoy when smoking using a water pipe. When you smoke cannabis through water pipes, the vapor passes through the water before getting into the mouth. Water can potentially trap different impurities, especially those soluble in water. 

The water will also cool the smoke enabling you to smoke comfortably. The smoke and vapor get to the mouth cooler preventing unnecessary burns that can sometimes contribute to throat cancer and ulcers. To get cooler vapor, you can also add some ice cubes to the water to further cool the vapor.

The pipes are cheaper in the long run, enabling you to smoke efficiently. They are also suitable for beginners who may not understand other means of vaping or smoking cannabis. 

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Glass pipes filters

Smoking from a glass piece is much safer than a joint or blunt. They can be used with filters easily to boost the purity of the cannabis you are vaping. They do not have any risky materials and chemicals in a paper, such as the chemicals used to preserve paper. Even at high temperatures, the glass will not have any impurities that can harm the body. 

Using carbon filters

Carbon filters can be essential for eliminating impurities whenever you are smoking. When smoking through bongs, blunts, and joints, you can use activated carbon filters at different points in your smoking device. These filters are ideal for trapping tar, leading to side effects such as teeth discolorations and lung cancer. They eliminate toxins through absorption. It traps impurities by allowing them to stick on the surface and preventing their passage. 

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The carbon filters enable you to get the desired THC or CBD effects eliminating the dangerous tar. It increases the ratio of THC: tar you smoke in weed, keeping you safe in the long run. You can buy them separately as additional safety and precaution since tar can pass through water without filtering. 

Smoking joints instead of blunt

Smoking joints can be suitable for those who do not love using bongs and water filters. They are also ideal for reducing health risks, are far better than blunts manufactured from tobacco wraps, and can be toxic. The blunts also contain other chemicals used to preserve them or the contents inside. 

Instead of other ways to eliminate toxins from blunts which can be expensive, the joints will be healthier. You are free to customize them the way you like them. You can also use activated carbon filters to trap more impurities. 

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Dabs and concentrates

Dabbing is one of the best and healthiest ways to smoke cannabis; however, it is unsuitable for amateurs. First, heat the nail until it is very hot, then let it cool enough until you can hold it comfortably in your hand. Next, you need to add the wax and then inhale. 

It is safer because you do not inhale smoke; instead, you inhale the vapor. Once it cools, the wax will generate vapor instead of smoke. The effects will be powerful and the best flavors. You should not heat the nail too hot lest you end up with smoke instead of vapor. Always remember that vapor is much safer than smoke.


Before you smoke cannabis, you must select a safer and more suitable method. There are different safer methods to smoke cannabis; a few of them are listed above. These methods are ideal for feeling the full impact of cannabis while eliminating impurities and toxins. 

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